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    Super begynder bræt med EVA overflade. Boardet kommer med finne og sværd.

    The Simmer AMP is all about getting amped on windsurfing. They have been designed with the only purpose of making learning of windsurfing a fun and easy experience.  The long outline proves ideal glide in light winds combined with a plenty of width and volume for stability. The progressive scoop line guarantees a stable and easy planing start and a good glide at low speed. The soft and comfortable EVA full-pad shall protect the board when moving it up and down on the beach as well as the rider in case of fall.

    The AMP is available in three sizes:

    160 L
    The perfect board to progress into more advanced windsurfing.  Easy to get planing, and move back into the straps. The pin tail featured on the AMP 160  makes gybing easy to learn,  

    180 / 210 L
    Extremely stable school and beginner boards with a wide outline, great tracking due to its rail configuration and the retractable centreboard.  

    The AMP features an extremely tough and durable full epoxy, wood / glass sandwich construction, for maximum durability and value.
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